November 16, 2018

Traditional Foods from Cabo San Lucas

Traditional Foods from Cabo San Lucas

Whether you’re a frequent traveler to Cabo San Lucas or you are planning your first visit, there are plenty of local dishes you need to include in your itinerary. Cabo is famous for its fresh local seafood, as well as its international cuisine and traditional Mexican favorites, not to mention the stunning backdrop you’ll enjoy while dining outdoors.


Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to find fresh and delicious seafood. Locals and visitors love the smoked marlin (marlin ahumado). Marlin is abundant in this area and can be prepared in a variety of ways, including seasoned, marinated, and smoked.

Be sure you also try the grilled chocolate clams (almejas chocolatas tatemados). These clams are prepared on hot stones and seasoned to perfection with local herbs.

Additional popular seafood menu items include fish and shrimp tacos, stuffed crab (jaibas rellenas), and other favorites prepared with lobster, abalone, and stingray.

One spot to find other, amazing seafood dishes in Cabo is Comal at Chileno Bay Resort & Residences. While dining on delicious Latin American cuisine, guests can enjoy expansive views of the Sea of Cortez. After dinner, patrons are encouraged to finish the evening with a signature cocktail by the warming fire-pits on the restaurant’s oceanfront terrace.

International Cuisine

Cabo San Lucas is also a great place to sample dishes from all around the world. For example, Sunset Point serves Italian cuisine complete with delicious pizza and a wine bar. It is known for its breathtaking Los Cabos views and excellent service.

You’ll also want to try Penny Lane Cafe, which includes a farmers market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Enjoy some eggs benedict and mouth-watering cinnamon rolls, then grab some organic local produce for the road.

Mexican Favorites

Don’t forget to try out some of Mexico’s culinary favorite at places like The Office on the Beach at Medano Beach or Los Tres Gallos, which offers fresh Tres Leches all day and an authentic Mexican dining experience.

Fajadas, or chicken tamales, are a popular Cabo San Lucas food, featuring stewed chicken and spices wrapped in a corn tortilla. Guemes tamales are also common, made with pork or chicken, and often include olives or raisins.

Another traditional food in Cabo is Comida de Pobre, or the Poor Man’s Food, named for its simplicity. It is a seafood soup with Mexican beans and rice and a flour tortilla and can be found nearly everywhere because of its popularity

And to finish it all off, the beverage of choice in Cabo San Lucas is clamato, a traditional drink made from clam and tomato juice. Cheers!

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